Our team of Care Managers are trained nurses and social workers who are highly skilled in the delivery senior home care. We work closely with our clients, their families, and the client’s care team to create and implement the most effective and comprehensive plan of care available. We assist the family in navigating through challenging decisions in order for their parent or loved one to receive the best possible care.

Through extensive collaboration, our care professionals and care managers coordinate with each other and the respective loved ones to monitor our client’s progress. Our objectives include ensuring that the client is adhering to their doctor’s recommendations, receiving nutritious meals, taking prescriptions properly, attending medical appointments, and are receiving the support needed to improve their health.

Care Management Consultants:
  • Work with families caring for aging parents or loved ones to identify and assess their needs.

  • A conduit in bridging the communication as well as the geographical gap between the care Support and communicate with long distance family members who need care for their loved ones.
  • Create and implement comprehensive care plans.
  • Monitor the services provided by care team and provide respective feedback.
  • Provide counseling and crisis intervention support.
  • Coordinate transitional care services from the facility or hospital.
  • Schedule appointments with healthcare providers based on the client’s care plan.
  • Arrange or provide transportation services between health care facilities.
  • Refer patients to experts based on their financial, legal, and health care needs.
  • Educate clients and their families on relevant health education and health services topics.
  • Conduct routine check-ins to monitor how the client is progressing.
  • Identify community resources available to clients based on their needs.

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