Caring People University

Learning. Caring. Excelling.

Being the Best Means Always Learning

Caring People is offering monthly paid training opportunities for all active caregivers. This program was developed specifically for our Caring People caregivers by a team of professionals dedicated to adding value to our caregivers and client’s lives. Our caregivers love the opportunity for additional training and find that not only is it rewarding, but it teaches applicable skills to provide the highest quality specialized care to our clients. Our courses are hands-on and interactive to include scenario based training for each topic being presented.

Additional benefits to participating in Caring People University

  • Build relationship with fellow team members
  • Become an expert in your industry
  • Receive a bonus for completion of 6+ course
  • Paid training opportunity
  • Receive in-service credit
  • Learn new skills and techniques
  • Enhance your education and commitment to being the best caregiver you can be!


Almost 80% of our clients have a diagnosis of dementia. Sharpen your skills & learn how to create a meaningful experience for your clients with cognitive impairment.

Handling Difficult Situations

Crisis! In this class, we will identify various crisis situations and get you thinking about ways to prepare and handle them.

Meaningful Activities

Join us for a fun and interactive training on learning how to make the most of your time with your client.

Transitional Care

Transitioning? The trick is being prepared. Learn the tools necessary to plan a safe transition home for your clients and understand the factors that will keep them home.

Sensitivity Training

This interactive class will give you the opportunity to experience the aging process firsthand experience and an understanding of the physical challenges that go along with aging.

Stress Reduction

Namaste. Join us for a relaxing class focused on identifying, avoiding and managing stressful situation – yes, we will do yoga!

Fall Prevention

How can we avoid falls? How can we prevent falls? What to do and not to do when a fall occurs.

Diet & Nutrition

Participate in this interactive class and enjoy a cooking demonstration. Participants will also enjoy some delicious treats!

Mental Health First Aid

Learn how to identify signs of mental health issues with your client and obtain skills to manage those individual situations.

Become a Super Caregiver!

Whether you think you’re good, great or SUPER you’ll want to join us for this fun course where you will experience the qualities that make all Caring People caregivers SUPER.

2019 Courses Schedule

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