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Beryl is a home health aide from our Queens branch and lives in Queens, New York, and she’s originally from Jamaica. She has been an asset to our organization with her dedication and hard work for sixteen years. Beryl loves taking care of her seniors by making sure they have what they need. She works her shifts and is dependable. Another of the wonderful qualities which Beryl has is enjoying conversation. She loves talking to elderly people and listening to their stories. Beryl is a great listener and also has a sympathetic ear when the occasion arises. She is one of those people who genuinely care.

Our November Caregiver is Amazing!

It isn’t always easy taking care of a senior. Sometimes, they have bad days and may tend to take it out on the home health aide who is trying to assist them. Or, perhaps they don’t want to eat what’s been prepared or wear the clothes that have been laid out. Maybe they refuse to take their medication and have to be talked to. It takes a particular type of person who can handle it day in and day out. Beryl is that type of person. She hasn’t missed any shifts, and her seniors know they can count on her being there for them.

Knowing that a person whose company they enjoy acknowledges that their needs are going to be met and will be showing up when scheduled, brings that reassurance some seniors need to have. Through doctor appointments, running errands, cleaning, personal care or being a companion, Beryl’s seniors can count on her. She’s there when scheduled, always ready with a quick smile and a listening ear.

Beryl’s work ethics are to be commended for consistency and reliability. This is a quality that is rare to find in this day and age when people are more interested in talking than listening. To make the other person feel important and that they matter is a gift that Beryl has.

A Home Health Aide with values!

Paulette Campbell- Caregiver of the Month November 2018- Pompano Beach
Paulette has been working as a live in caregiver for one of our clients for almost 3 years.

Caregiver of the Month December

Paulette has been a caregiver for 33 years. She started by working in a Nursing Home and then transitioned into providing services in Hospice and Home Healthcare. She has worked for several agencies but she says she feels the most at home with Caring People. She has worked with Caring People since May 2015

She is from Jamaica. She moved to Florida in 1978 and has lived in NY, MD, and NC, and then came back to FL in 1989 were she has resided ever since. She has two boys, one which is 34 and the other 27 years old. Both live in Florida as well.

Paulette loves the earth and enjoys planting and gardening. She thinks it is very therapeutic and she has invested a lot of time planting flowers and vegetables in the yard of her current client, Mrs. Miller. She also loves to cook. Her favorite Jamaican meal to cook is ox tails and rice and peas. Her other favorite meal to cook is spaghetti, meatballs, and cornbread. Sewing and music are also some of her passion and she has been working on a clothing line.

Paulette has a passion for health and promoting the mind, body, and spirit. She enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces and turning their day into the best day it can be. She feels she has found her purpose by assisting people back to health and wants to help change the lives of each individual that can and will allow her to help.

Caring People congratulates Beryl Lewis and Paulette Campbell for their perseverance, loyalty, dedication, and above all, the care they show for their senior clients. They are an asset to our organization and to our working family!

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