In Caregivers Of The Month

The Caregiver of the Month program gives our organization the opportunity to reflect on our wonderful, caring, and kind caregivers. This month, we will reflect on four individuals that have gone above and beyond for their clients. In recognition of their achievement, caregivers received a gift card and certificate of appreciation.

Toms River, NJ Branch – Edin Celestin

toms river caregiver january 2018

Edin has been a caregiver since September 2015 and has been a remarkable member of our Caring People Inc. team since June 2017. We admire her for always being willing to take on a case and accepting those last minute calls knowing that our clients are in great need of assistance. A client’s family said this about Edin: “She is an angel. She is good with my father. She is like a part of the family. We are so grateful for everything she does”.
Edin was born on the island, Saint Lucia and has two grown sons and when she’s not working, she enjoys running and taking walks.

Jupiter, FL Branch – Kedesha Burgess

Jupiter Caregiver of January

Kedesha became a caregiver 12 years ago and has been a part of the Caring People Inc. team since 2014. Her story behind why she became a caregiver is personal. Her passion started when her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she began taking care of her as it progressed. Her care and compassion truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients. Kedesha loves what she does which comes across in the care she provides and also creates a very positive relationship with all her clients.

Kedesha was born in Jamaica and grew up in West Palm Beach. In her free time, she likes to travel. She just recently returned from a wonderful trip to Switzerland. Besides traveling, she also enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Queens, NY Branch – Sakuran Ramsingh

queens caregiver of January

Sakuran has been with Caring People Inc. for 9 years and stands out as a very reliable and caring caregiver.
Her current client said, “Suki is the best thing that ever happened to us and has been a real lifesaver”. She has worked with this family for over five years now, which shows her true dedication to her clients.
Sakuran is originally from Trinidad. She is married with two beautiful children.

Norwalk, CT Branch – Marie Louis

norwalk caregiver of January

Marie became a caregiver five years ago and has been an impeccable caregiver since she joined the team in September 2016.

According to Marie, in order to be a great caregiver, one must take their job seriously and treat the client like they are your family. Her consistent quality of care, reliability, and fantastic work ethic gains her consistently positive feedback from clients.

One of Marie’s longtime clients says “Marie comes to work with a positive attitude and that keeps my dad in a good mood!”

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