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Babylon Caregiver of the Month for March -Martineau Jean-Louis

March Caregiver of the month CP

Martineau Jean-Louis has been working for the Babylon, NY office since he completed his home health aide training, in 2016. He has been a wonderful caregiver – has a positive outlook and is always willing to help when needed. He describes himself as an honest, respectful person, always putting others before himself. His passion is people – he loves interacting with them and taking care of them.

Matrineau was born in Haiti and has 3 children who he adores. His client’s wife said, “I wasn’t keen on having a male here. It’s just me and my husband and male aides make me feel edgy. When Martineau came in, he gave a feeling of comfort. Made me and my husband feel secure. I felt confident when he was here, that nothing wrong would happen and that he would take good care of my husband, and he did! He is very warm and caring. He is always welcome here.” Congrats Martineau on this wonderful achievement!

Norwalk, CT caregiver of the Month for March – Serita Campbel

Serita Campbell from the Norwalk office has been selected caregiver of the month. Serita has been a CNA for 5 years and she is finishing her Licensed Practitioner Nursing degree in May 2018. Serita was an employee of Brooke’s Homecare since 2016 and then joined the Caring People family after the acquisition.

Originally from Jamaica, Serita has 1 daughter and lives in Bridgeport. When not spending time with her daughter, studying for her nursing program and caring for seniors, Serita enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on. Serita’s supervisor said, “Serita is a pleasure to work with, always willing to help out. Clients love her and after meeting her only once often call requesting Serita come back.” One of Serita’s long-term clients said “Serita is the best caregiver we have ever had!” Congrats Serita on this wonderful achievement!

Toms River Caregiver of the Month for March- Maria Lemmo

Caregiver of the month March

Toms River would not be the same without Maria Lemmo. Maria has been a caregiver for over 20 years and found Caring People when we first opened about 5 months ago. Maria was born and raised in central NJ and now has two daughters, 15 & 17 who are reaping the benefits of having such a wonderful caring mom. Some of Maria’s hobbies include camping, reading, and writing.

Pompano Beach Caregiver of the Month March

Caregiver of the Month-March 2018 Pompano Beach

The Pompano office is excited to name Fabiola Alphonse caregiver of the month. Fabiola was one of the first caregivers to join the Pompano team 8 years ago in 2010. Caring People was the first company Fabiola worked for after completing her CNA certification.

Caregiving was a passion for Fabiola she became a CNA because she loves being around people and helping them. She is thrilled when she can help a someone and found that working as a caregiver gives her the unique opportunity to build a relationship, become a de facto family member and advocate for the needs of her clients. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Fabiola moved to FL when she was 10 years old.

Now Fabiola has a 13 year old who keeps her very busy outside of work. Fabiola is a wonderfully outgoing, positive and energetic person. She especially enjoys working on complex jig-saw puzzles and is also trained as a massage therapist. Congrats Fabiola on this wonderful achievement!

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