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Caring People is pleased to announce that its caregivers of the month are Althea Baptiste, Yvetta Huberova and Evellie Callum. Althea, Yvetta and Evellie represent the very best about Caring People. A focus on building compassionate and trusting relationships with clients and their families that provides them with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Our Caregivers of the Month December 2017 are:

Althea Baptiste – Caregiver of the Month Hempstead

Althea has been an important part of our Hempstead and Queens branches since 1999. With almost 20 years of professional experience as an HHA, Althea has a wealth of knowledge about home care. However, it is not just her skills that make her a special member of our team — both her supervisors and her clients point to her amazing heart and her passion for providing loving care to her clients. Caring for seniors is not just her job, it is a part of who she is.
One particular story from a client’s daughter encapsulates what makes Althea truly special. When Althea first met her father, she broke into a song — and her dad immediately smiled. And, he has not stopped smiling since during the three and half years that he has spent with Althea.
Althea’s supervisor backs this up, explaining: “Althea is the person I would want to care for any of my family members. She is reliable and compassionate, and the level of care that she gives to her clients is priceless.”

Yvetta Huberova – Caregiver of the Month Clifton

Employee of the month working with our Clifton New Jersey office, Yvetta Huberova, embodies the core values of Caring People and is an outstanding certified home health aide. A native of Slovakia, Yvetta has been an invaluable Caring People team member since 2011.

Since starting with our organization, Yvetta has received rave reviews from her clients and their family members who note that Yvetta always makes her senior clients feel special by the empathetic way that she speaks with, treats, and pampers them. Yvetta recognizes that many of her clients are going through a challenging time. And, as a result, she is always looking for positive strategies and solutions to redirect her clients.

Relentless positivity and optimism are two of Yvetta’s most outstanding personality traits.
Her clients also note that Yvetta is an outstanding listener. Her supervisor adds that “Yvetta loves listening to the amazing stories that her older clients have to share. And she is always happy to share stories about her adorable cocker spaniel, Charlie, and his latest adventures.”
Compassion is only one part of what makes Yvetta an invaluable addition to the Caring People team. She also displays an unparalleled work ethic and is loyal, dedicated, and reliable. The organization can always count on Yvetta to assist with last minute staffing challenges — she is the definition of a team player.

Evellie Callum: Caregiver of December – Delray Beach Branch

She is Jamaican, she came to the states in 1986, first to New Jersey and then to Florida in 1990.
She has been a caregiver for 22 years.
Her sister taught her everything she knows.
She has been a vegetarian for 1 year and her favorite food is sushi and her favorite ice cream is grape nut (it is Jamaican).
She has 3 children, 2 girls, and 1 boy, they all still live at home.
She was Delray’s Hurricane Irma’s Hero as she took one of our clients that lived alone to come and stay at her house, where she had a generator and was able to keep our client safe and comfortable throughout the storm.

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